02 March 2009

Randy Leonard and The Black Unicorn

1961.Back in the early days of the Attorney General campaign, Randy Leonard introduced John Kroger to the peoples at a photo-op in downtown Portland (the following photo from here):

It was the beginning of a successful campaign to put the most dynamic AG we've seen for a great long time in office.

But did they know they had a visitor? After analyzing the photo, we found out:

Yes. It's the Black Unicorn.

Did his presence bless the campaign? Was the Black Unicorn simply looking on (as unicorns are wont to do, keeping their own counsel, as they do)? We find something oddly compelling about Randy, maybe he does, too.

One thing's for certain; we've been analyzing photos from the Macpherson campaign for a while now. Not one unicorn ever went anywhere near him.

And so that one goes.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You're definitely onto something with the Unicorns here Samuel!