31 March 2009

New Street Blade at 75th And SE Division - But We Need Rewrite!

2002.Spotted another new street blade, this time at SE 75th and Division:

It was notable for being one of the half-and-half assemblies (half-old, half-new ...  The Wife™ calls them "hybrids") with the old one atop the new one. As such, it's not worth getting too excited about – certainly not worth going back and getting another look at right away, except for one thing. And if you've got a sharp eye, you've probably already seen it. Here it is up close:

That's right – the block index, which should be on the named blade, is on the numbered one. There's a couple of incorrectitudes here; it suffers from the general assumption that SE Division Street is the 2500 block along its entire urban length (it isn't; from SE 42nd to SE 82nd Avenues it jogs a block north, and becomes the 2400 block) and as this is actually on the north side of Division, if indicating the block face were the intent here, that ought 2300, not 2500.

In as much as all of the new blades up until now have supported the old convention of displaying the crossing-block, we are compelled to assume that this is a bit of an error, and plaintively call for rewrite as I did for those blades out alone NE and SE 148th Avenue.

The documentation is ongoing.

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