16 March 2009

Filed Under: The Color Initiative

1982.For those who wonder, I am creating a new label for filing my posts about color, of which there will be more, and related to a project I'm nurturing under careful development.

This label will the The Color Initiative. My main thrust is color and mood and what I can find out about it, but the thing about color theory is that if you dig your beak into it just a little, a whole lot starts presenting itself.

It's my public diary about my exploration of color, and, as usual, everyone is invited along.

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pril said...

"you followed the signs reading "Ocean Beaches" which pointed westward from every likely cross-highway access from the Valley cities. Latterly, the signs say "Oregon Coast"" As of November of '08, signs at the 42, 138 and 199 on the 5 still say "Ocean Beaches".

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

About the only thing I can add to that is "thank God for the State of Jefferson!"