19 March 2009

Undo Send? Yes, Gmail Now Gives You Five Seconds To Yank That Message Back

1988.We all have emails that we wish we hadn't sent; that's so axiomatic an observation to have become trite. Who knew that a Google Labs employee would finally come up with an Undo for sent emails?

Well, to be completely correct, you can't yank back emails that are already out the door. But what Gmail's Undo Send does for you is hold that email for five seconds so, for instance, if you (as I sometimes do) click the "Send" button instead of the "Delete" button (like you meant to) you can prevent anything from an embarrassment to confusion to a complete train wreck.

I just tried it in one of my Gmail accounts, and it works like a song. This is not a joke but a real function. To enable it in your Gmail account, go to the Settings page, then the Labs tab, and look down until you find it (they have quite a few toys to play with there). All one need do is click Enable and you're good to go.

You'll know you have it when you hit "send" and you see this message across over the sending window:

The undo disappears automatically after the message is away. Turns out that 5 seconds is a bit longer that you'd think–but then a watched clock never boils, so they say.

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1 comment:

stan said...

Nothing to say about Goofle undo send except that it's a great idea that's overdue. My dumb comment was just about the post number...1988 was a great year!