08 March 2009

The Portland Police Mounted Unicorn Patrol, Then and Now

1970.Unicorns have been with us longer and in more remarkable ways that you might know. Our researches have uncovered this previously unreleased photo of one of the first Portland Police Bureau Mounted Unicorn Patrols ... ca, 1891:

And in modern times (ca. "now"):

Stranger and stranger, inDEED! Our guess is that the more world-weary unicorns (the ones that don't need to be tamed by a virgin) try out for the mounted patrol.

It's entirely possible that the old legends about the unicorn is a bit wrong, of course. You know, everyone has a PR flack these days ...

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Snowbrush said...

Those aren't unicorns. What appears to be horns are actually penile extensions that the police kept in holsters atop their horse's heads. This enabled them to attach the shields quickly when the need arose. I'm not sure just when the need arose. Maybe the police weren't either since they no longer use them, except in the case of an occasional motorcycle officer.

Alan Bluehole said...

I'm going to host a rally with Storm Large and Thomas Lauderdale. No more unicorn abuse by taser-happy officers.