25 October 2005

[net_life] You must be --[this]-- tall to edit Wikipedia

Much has been made lately of the flaws in the vaunted Wikipedia.

I must say, at the apparent risk of a little potential embarrassment, that I have used Wikipedia as source material and found the articles I've referenced generally well done, if sometimes the writing is a little amateurish and stiltled. I understand these are people who care about what the write about, and I dont depend just on Wikipedia–that, indeed, would be suicidal.

But since my searches have so far been highly targeted I tend to go right for the wheat and bypass the chaff.

Comes to my personalized Yahoo! home page, the option to get a feed on new Wikipedia articles. Nifty, yes? Maybe no. Seems the warts and all dichotomy spoons all the warts on the new entries. Exhibit A (and only) (well, the only one I can stand, anyway) was posted just today, deailing an unnamed researcher's insight into the towering subject of...Dentyne Ice.


Dentyne Ice
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Dentyne Ice is a gum made by wrigles. Known for its "cold" minty flavour it is a favorite.

And that's it. That's all. Don't believe me? Go here, if you dare.

What can we conclude from all this?
  • Wrigles, whatever they are, manufacture Dentyne Ice, and, presumably, the rest of the Dentyne line. We know not what designs the wrigles have on human society. Fear the wrigles.
  • Since the words "flavour" and "favorite" appear in the same sentence, the poster is or is not in the UK (or the British Commonwealth), is or is not brain damaged, or may or may not be Madonna.
  • Civilization is doomed, doomed, utterly doomed.

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