18 February 2009

In Memory Of The Unicorns

1949.NB, 3-Mar,2009: A hearty "heigh-ho" to all of you who surfed on over from Blue Oregon. Nifty!

After the revelation today that Portland was built over the site of an ancient Unicorn burial ground, I couldn't let the magic of the day go by without honoring their gentle spirits.

If only they could be with us now.

Please excuse the crap*ss Photoshoppery, but I was so seized by the emotion of the moment, I had a hard time getting a grip.

I think that's about right, for the sentiment.

In addition, I propose a moment of silence, tomorrow, and 11:11 am.

No freaking reason, I just want everyone to pipe down then.

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Alan Cordle said...

I think the crappy developers down the street disturbed the graves. I hope the 'corns rise up and feel stabby.

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Stabby unicorn ghosts!

Samuel John Klein said...

The unicorns cry over our desecration by way of developers. They may well come back stabby.

You know what would be awesome? Remember that commercial during the 70s, it was about preserving the environment, and the climax was this Native American dude on a horse looking at the polluted landscape from the back of his horse from an overpass and then he turns toward the camera and he's crying a single tear?

Let me set the scene for you.

We are on the western end of the Ross Island Bridge, with a view of the Tram and SoWa and all that, and this Native American dude rides out into the shot looking at those towers and turns toward the camera and we pull in on a single tear.

Thing is, he's riding a unicorn.

It can't miss!

Anonymous said...

Thats beautiful!
I really want to go to Portland now, just to honour those poor souls!

mike vogel said...

You have photoshopped one of my dreams--and now it lives. The unicorns may be gone but they are still with us.

Samuel John Klein said...


I exist only to serve.

To serve the unicorns ... and those who aspire to them.

You're welcome.