23 March 2010

[pdx] Made In Oregon Sign Belongs To City Now: May We Re-suggest Unicorns?

As announced on City Commissioner Randy Leonard's site today, Ramsay Signs have donated the famous (and almost U-of-O-oriented) "Made In Oregon" sign, and it will be restyled, with proceeds for conversion and upkeep generated by the pay-to-park lot underneath the Burnside Bridge. Here's an idea of what it will look like, from Commissioner Leonard's page:

Very nice. I like the design; I still think Made In Oregon had a certain resonance to it, and especially since I was also made in Oregon (round about the Silverton area over a period of about 9 months, though I don't particularly recall it). But I think we could have made it really Portland, and have a modest proposal: instead of that, why not:

Portland: built on an ancient unicorn burial ground.

Remember the unicorns.

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