05 October 2020

Dicing With The Year 2020


It may seem dark to look for what will become a souvenir on this time (especially since isn't next to impossible to know if it's crested yet; let's just say that's the way my optimism rolls) but when you find something that hits your vibe, you hit it, if you can. And we did.

Storm Crow, a company that runs a couple of geek pubs in Canada (Vancouver and Toronto, if you are favorably positioned) also sells geek gear worldwide. And what better a token of the chaos that has been 2020 would be ...

 ... a twenty-sided die. With 2020 things on every face.

Yeah, that is, in fact, Elon Musk and Grimes's kid's daft name on one face. COVID-19 is on another. And there are a couple of white triangle stickers so you can do some modding as appropriate if you wish; I'm totally considering re-labeling Wildfire Smoke or Beachie Creek Fire or Cascade Wildfires or something properly interpretatively expressive.

It's about the size of a ping-pong ball and is made of that hard, dense stuff they make dice and bowling balls and conservative Republican minds out of, so if civilization does fall, carry this with you, chum, and you can at least get one good shot off before the zombies overwhelm you, because it's that last act of defiance that counts as you descend into apocalyptic oblivion, isn't it?

It's available from Storm Crow for the appropriate price of USD$ 20.20, and their customer service and response is, in the classical style, superb. One catch, though: it was so popular that they ran out of their original production run in two weeks' time and are waiting on a new batch to send out. But they'll let you pre-order. 

It's a fun thing.

Here's the link: https://shop.stormcrow.com/products/the-storm-crow-d2020

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