07 April 2024

The Path of The Eclipse, Via Google Maps: An Experiment You Can Try


Recently I saw a map tracing out the anticipated path of this weekend's solar eclipse across the eastern USA using bookings from AirBNB has a guide and I remembered there was another way to mark it, but it won't work until just as and after the eclipse happened.

As detailed in a blog post I made on the 23rd of August, 2017, you can see the effect on traffic if you turn on the Traffic layer on Google Maps and zoom it properly. I did, that day (after being inspired by a Facebook observation Mike Selvaggio made), and this was the result:

This comes from the fact that, despite entreaties from various local and state DOTs to the contrary, people are going to clog the roads going into the path of totality and create multi-hour traffic jams that ought to be reflected on Google Maps. As it can be seen from my own mapping above, the path it picks out is pretty faithful.

Was it really seven years ago? Damn. Tempus is fugiting all over the dam' place. 

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