15 March 2005

[blog_life] Aaron's Returned

A month or so back, I opined about how a person who linked to me...first person who linked to me...got so disillusioned by the amount of comment spam he was getting that he took his 'blog offline.

That 'blog was called pontifications. His was the first 'blog to link to mine, at all. Nobody asked him, I didn't ask him, he just found my words and like them, and liked them enough to link to me. Which, if you enjoy writing and telling the world what you think as I obviously do, is something ineffably cool.

Well, Aaron's back. He's finding his voice again and playing with his graphical style, and has improved on what he had before. I recommend. Visit the link embedded above.


Aaron said...

Thanks for the plug :) Trackback and comments have become old hat for the blog-savvy by now, but think about it for a second: how cool is it that we're able to write so easily, discover others writing so easily, and give our feedback? It really is remarkable.

I was thinking the other day about all of the comments I've left on blogs around Portland and Oregon -- I could walk past the folks who wrote that stuff and never know it. A lot of the time, the stuff I find on OrBlogs or elsewhere beats Phil Stanford and Margie Boule hands down, and yet it's almost completely anonymous.

Proves that powerful tools in the right hands really does promote community and knowledge.

Anyway, thanks again for the plug :) For anyone else who reads this, you gotta keep reading ZehnKatzen Times, too!

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Thanks for the comment!

As far as trackbacks...I never have gotten the hang of those or why or how I should use them. But that's a personal problem.

I checked out the redisign of your 'blog...intriguing masthead. And quite possibly the only way you'll get Miss Thang to get anywhere near Che Nee and billg without putting her under duress.