19 March 2005

[pcc_life] PCC Looks To Help Stranded BCTI Students

Just cruised by the PCC homepage, pcc.edu. Found this link at the lower right hand corner of the page.

Essentially it looks like PCC is extending a helping hand to people who were done to by BCTI's dodgy business model, and is doing so by examining what they've done while in those other hallowed halls and tailoring a program to fit, and evaluating thier educational experiences to see what they might be able to get credit for already having been done.

The press release says it better that I can. And I'd advise anyone in this situation to check PCC out...it gives great value for the money. Sixteen large for 145 hours of course? That sounds kind of insane.


geeekgirl said...

That is nice...too bad a lot of the BCTI curriculum is probably not transferable. I was an instructor there for three years and am happy to see that they are finally being forced to answer for their evil ways.

Samuel John Klein said...

Well, it may not be transferable as such. But I have the feeling that PCC is going to do what it can to take the skills that BCTI taught them and give them some sort of credit based on an equivalent PCC course...

Or, otherwise I think they're going to see how they might tailor some of thier non-credit offerings...adult continuing ed...to the needs of these people.

I'm just guessing at it all really. Over the last three years I've been a graphic design student at Sylvania and the support of all members of the administration on down to faculty has always been amazing. If there's a way they can help these people get ahead, they'll find it.

Congratulations on apparently getting away from those money-grubbers with your soul intact.