29 March 2005

[us_politics] Why Does Sun Myung Moon Hate America?

He owns the Washington Times. He heads a worldwide church. And the same fellow whose followers got married in groups of thousands during the Eighties thinks it's time to end American-style democracy.

A new daily stop for me is
John Gorenfeld's blog. Far from being merely an eccentric leader of a heretical Christian sect, he's a Man with a Mission...a mission from God. Or, hey at least he thinks so.

For instance, did you know that, back in March 2004, this fellow was coronated King (of a sorts) of the USA? 'Srewth! It happened in the Dirksen Senate Office Bulding on 24 March 2004. "Rev" Moon, in a regal elevation ceremony, was crowned with a "Crown of Peace". And the host committee had six congessional...that's congressional, as in "member of Congress", as in "U.S. Representative"...members, representin' for us.

What's that? You say you don't care for Moon and his Unification Church? Too bad. Money was spent. Your tax dollars at work, people. Of course, it did cause a little bit of a stink back when it happened but, in contrast to what happens when a liberal Democrat is caught in a sex scandal, down the memory hole this bowser goes.

So, the question I ask myself is, why are my fellow Americans and some U.S. Congressmen supporting what this fellow does if he wants to end America As We Know It? Are they Unification Church members, or do they just like power and will accept whosever's help they can get to get it and keep it? Even if they use taxpayer money and taxpayer-supported public facilities to do what I'm sure they think is just sucking up to a self-made conservative sugar-daddy.

I mean, they're thanking him now. These types always expect thier temporal due for the favors they extend. They should wait to thank him until they get his bill, I'm just saying.

And, for those who still are bereft of clue, the ultimate goal of the Unification Church is just that...Unificataion. Of all faiths. Under "Rev" Moon, who sees himself as the actual Messiah (this, I believe is called "blasphemy". Look it up), and who calls himself and his wife the "True Parents".

Still think mixing Church and State is okey-dokey?

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