03 March 2005

[TV] Space:1999 Reference Seen In Fox TV's 24

We don't watch much television...but we do like The Adventures of Jack Bauer, a/k/a 24

Those who watched this last show know that Jack Bauer attempted to take down the main bad guy on the 29th floor of a downtown LA Office building. He was working on a 'net connection in the offices of a company called "IDS Systems".

Calling all Gerry and Sylvia Anderson fans, and those who loved Space:1999. Look reeeeal close at the logo of IDS Systems. There were fleeting looks, but one or two were clear enough to be seen even on jittery VHS pause.

The letters "IDS" were reversed out of a strange looking pattern...that bugged me. Until I recognized it.

It's a silhouette of the plan view of Moonbase Alpha.

Betcha I'm right. And the world heard it here first.


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