19 March 2005

[sundial_life] Palm m130...gone.

Sad news to report. My Palm m130 has simply disappeared. I am a little sad about this.

It was kind of fun to have a Palm. And I'll be honest, I wasn't using it for organizing jack squat; I've always been better at using paper. I have an unCalendar for that. But I did have cool games. There was an SD card that had SimCity, Backgammon....I had ularn for Palm on that. Isn't that neat?

No money to replace the Palm. That's the real thing. Maybe I ought to institute one of those wish-list thingys I see all over.

I'm unhappy it's gone. Oh, I'll get along..easy come, easy go...but I miss being able to play ularn at the drop of a hat.


I decided to set up an Amazon Wish List. The link is in my sidebar just under my email contacts in the "Contact me" section, also clicky here.

As anyone can see, my needs are quite modest. See! I'd settle for the Zire! I'm not piggy!

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