09 March 2005

[sundial_life] We Have A Date With The Fab Five

No, not the Queer Eye fellas. Think back to the 80's.

Tomorrow night at eight o'clock, when the lights go up at the Rose Garden, me and The Wife[tm] will be there, having the fun we should have had when we were still in High School.

I will be able to say that I have seen Duran Duran live.

Section 220, seats in the O row.

No, it's not the floor, but from where i come from, you're thankful for what you can get, and spend little (if any) time regretting what you can't reach for. And that means being thankful for, as long as you had to wait to get some idea that the funding was even likely, you didn't have to settle for 300 level.

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