01 March 2005

[net_life] Yes, I Have Seen Numa Numa Dance

Yes, it's true, I have. After hearing it on Franken I couldn't resist.

Now, normally I don't write too much about trends. This is a lightly visited 'blog, which gives me some freedom, and I know if it's really really trendy, someone else can take up the slack that doesn't really need me to take up anyway.

But, gman250...wow. That's the funniest, goofiest, best thing I've seen in a long time.

Of course, I've followed the story as many others have. Found that he was so intimidated by his 15 minutes' time that he's kind of caved in. Quite a few commentators have said that it's sad that he's reacted so, and I agree.

Not that I'd dream of telling him he shouldn't react any differently than he is. He's an authentic sort. But I do wish he'd see that he's brightened the day of a hell of a lot of people by letting his guard down and getting goofy wi'it. After all, these are kind of dark times we're living in, and I know this when I compare them to the bright comic light this give off.

I mean, it's genius, really. Take a silly act, combine it with a Romanian folk-pop song nobody outside of Wallachia has ever heard of (for the record, it's Dragostea Din Tei, translated as "Love from the Linden Trees", and hey, it's available on iTunes, man!) and the world laughs with you. I lose it when it raises the eyebrow twice with the squeeky noise.

We need more silly people. Desparately.

Gary Boelsma, man, thanks for the joke. Don't let it get you down. We think you're cool.

Yea, I know, like he's gonna read my 'blog....

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