12 August 2006

[bloggage] Haben Sie Druckmaschine?

The German word das Druckmaschine means "printing press". A more precise translation would be "automated press machine", from the compound der Druck, which amongst the various meanings of such is to print something via force impression, and das Machine, which means what it looks like and in this case implies automation.

In other words, an automated printing press. Like I said.

Anyhow! Apparently my use of the word in the name of a world-wide German company purveying printing presses to the trade, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (the -en ending on the word makes it plural) caught the attention of one Bernhard of the blog FRATEXT (http://www.fratext.de, redirects to fratext.blogspot.com)

Only trouble is, it's mostly auf Deutsch. But that's okay; I'm always looking for a way to further my self-schooling in the Mother Language. And, it's all about printing, from the country that perfected printing. So if you know German and you care about printing, then you should go there.

If you're an unreconstructed Englisch speaker, though, never fear; as Bernhard himself says, a couple of entries back:
in the future i also will anounce in english at my blog about the printing industry espcially the business of dealing printng machinery
So maybe you should go there anyway.

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Bernhard Fraling said...

Dear Samual,

"homeland is the language you are speaking" the writer G√ľnther Grass once said. So I will write german and english in my bloog just to whom I would like to adress articles.I really appreciate the way you comment my entry in your bloog. For me it is a new beginning to communicate this way.
Germany is just at the beginning of blogging. Last week 9th of August there is BusinessNews , a new title called the first "Office-Zeitung" (marvellous mixture between german and english language:---)))) first time published. Blogging plays such an important role in this printing matter that the second page started with "webwatch" a cooperation with germanblogs.de


Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Well, good luck with your own blog, Bernhard...I don't know enough Deutsch to follow everything, but I can tell you've got the idea pretty well.

I think you'll find it rather habit forming. I certainly have.

Gruess Gott!