18 August 2006

[designers] Jeff Fisher Rules From Above

If just getting a cool issue of HOW this month wasn't enough, local logo design god Jeff Fisher gets back-page visibility, in a major way.

On the last page of HOW is the feature "Double Vision", where the magazine asks two designers the same question to see what different responses they get. Jeff is hanging from the top of the magazine, kind of like that trapeze kid in Safe Havens, and the question is one he's got a black-belt in: How much time do you devote to self-promotion?

About 20%, as it turns out. See? Self-promo is even important to design gods.

Jeff toots his own horn about it at bLog-oMotives here.

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Jeff Fisher LogoMotives said...

Thanks for being my "marketing department!" This is nuts - we live in the same town and have never met. When I'm done writing my new book, we need to get together for a cup of coffee - my treat. See you in October sometime!

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...


I don't mind at all. It's fun following your career, it's cool that HOW mag gave you props like that and it's also excellent that a Portland designer gets notice this way.

Someone's been saying that Portland is Design Town. This is just another example.

The simple fact is that I admire your work. I have the first three Big Books of Logos and your work is the kind of work I would be doing, if I could. If everyone locally knew just how often they saw your work I think they'd agree with me. Shucks, my current "day" job is one that gives me a daily view of the Childpeace Montessori School logo. No matter where I go, there you are!

I'd be thrilled to meet you in person at long last...good luck on your book. Sometime in October–I'll pencil that in. See you then...