23 August 2006

[distractions] Heather West To Stage Kitchen Reunion?

Nicked from Us Magazine, queried by reporter Eric Andersson, and via tmsfeatures.com, we hear a rumor that Chef Heather is building bridges with at least two of her former competitors:
Q: When do you go to Vegas?
A: Soon! I'm psyched. It's a big task, but I'm going to dive right in. And I've talked to [Kitchen alums] Keith and Garrett about joining the staff.
We've been saying that Heather's a class act. Here's more proof. And more:
Q: You sparred with Virginia, your cofinalist. Is it safe to assume she won't be pitching in?
A: She's a good friend of mine now. One thing I regret is how mean and hurtful I was to her. We're all just there to win.
This and many other interesting tidbits about HK and the chef's can be found on The Times' HK2006 index.

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