19 August 2006

[design] Jacci Howard Bear's Design ABC's

At the DTP forum at About.com (desktopput.about.com), Jacci Howard Bear is spending the next 26 days (from 11 August) taking you on a rocket ride around the alphabet of design.

So far we've done A (Adobe, alignment, small "a"), B (business cards, balance, baseline), C (calendars, contacts, color), D (dingbat, diphthong, dummy), E (Elements of Design, Eyes & Ears, Envelopes), F (finishing, folding, fonts), G (guides, gutter, greeking), H (hairline, head, how do you DTP), and I (graphic identity).

Worth following, we think.

On a related note, I think graphic design is the only field in which I am aware that you can use words like dingbat and not be arguing, diphthong with a straight face, and dummy without necessarily commenting on your associates intelligence. Why not work in design?

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