27 August 2006

[design, typography] Via design matters

Where the blogger asks a very good question:
I don't know why our field seems so curiously self-obsessive.
And arrives at a very apt conclusion:
All in all, it's a great time in which to be a graphic designer. Don't worry so much about your software skills. Instead, learn how to think. Then it won't matter how you're defined, you'll know how to solve problems, and your clients will recognize that and value you for it.
For the skinny, read this post.

My view has always been that which CeCe Cutsforth put forth in my training at P.C.C.: a designer is a problem-solver. I think that, withal, contains all one needs to know. Others, however, do require more detailed definitions. So it goes.
Also of note: it's the Wrong Apostrophe. Wrong apostrophe? Yes; you're soaking in it. Find out what I mean by reading this post (illo nicked from design matters).

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Alan DeWitt said...

I note with no small amusement that the graphic uses an ASCII apostrophe.