19 August 2006

[distractions] Breaking: Heather West To Actually Get Own Restaurant

Just found this bit out while scanning for news on the recently-crowned Hell's Kitchen winner...

The prize, as advertised through the show, was an executive chef position at T-Bone's Chophouse in the Red Rock Casino resort in Las Vegas. Well, Heather will be working there, but not at T-Bone's, after all. It would seem her fortunes have become just a bit more charmed.

On 18 August, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that Heather is set to become Senior Chef at the resort's Italian restaurant, Terra Rossa:

Red Rock President Scott Kreeger said in June that the "Hell's Kitchen" winner would be placed in T-Bones Chophouse in a position based on the chef's skill level. However, management decided her abilities would best be utilized at Terra Rossa, said resort spokesman Jeff Lovari.

The contract details had not been finalized Thursday, said resort general manager Ronan O'Gorman, but hotel officials are looking forward to West working at Red Rock.

"I think it's very, very positive for the resort. It's been an extremely popular show, we've had a lot of exposure, and we've had a lot of response from the public," O'Gorman said. "The phones were ringing right after the show with people asking where they could eat Heather's food."

Read the entire article here, which also comments extensively on the winner of So You Think You Can Dance, Benji Schwimmer.

Also: I've created this post as a central repository for all things HK/Heather West/Gordon Ramsay that I can find that's interesting, and in anticipation of HK3 next year. If I get enough interesting stuff I'll spin it off into a 'blog or site of its own, when I get enough stuff.

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nikki said...

It sure does look like bait and switch from where I stand. Not the restaurant or the position she was supposed to win.
Heather is darn good. She could have gotten a 'job' anywhere. This was supposed to be a position.
Poor Heather. Bad Ramsey. Bad Red Rock.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Well, Nikki, judging by the intro to this season's 1st epi it looks like she's surviving and thriving at Terra Rossa.

You might want to check out the show's site, where she's left a message about her reactions to that first how on the show's blog.