25 August 2006

[web_design] Basic XHTML Knowledge To Go

Just stumbled on: a PDF excerpt of a book called Stylin' With CSS by Charles Wyke-Smith, mounted by CreativePro.com.

The upshot of it is that to make web pages that are graphically good-to-go with the greatest number of modern browsers, you gots to use CSS; to use CSS effectively your markup should be XHTML-compliant. This excerpt gives you the fundamentals you need to know that will make your markup compliant.

Download it from the CreativePro feature article here; and while you're at it, make CreativePro.com a regular read. You get a lot of great knowledge there for no extra cost.

While I'm at it, I have a short, shamful admission to make; in the beginning, before I learnt much about CSS, I was convinced that it was just some sort of fad designed to make markup just a little more difficult. How very wrong I was. When I took the time to sit down and study up on basic CSS, I found that it's like lightning in styling and giving graphical cohesiveness to your web pages. If you don't know CSS, you're missing out; when it comes to sane web design, CSS knowledge is one of the coins of the realm.

So, I'm kind of showing what sort of innocent fool I can be, but remember, the breaking of innocence is the beginning of wisdom.

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