28 August 2006

[pdx, sf] The Awarded Among Us: David Levine Takes The Hugo

The Hugo Award®, given annually by the World Science Fiction Society, goes to the best of the best. This year, the best of the best for short stories went to a local writer, David Levine.

The awards were given at a convention just held in Anaheim, called Interaction, and the story, entitiled "Tk'tk'tk'", went up against such notables as Mike Resnick.

The story was published in Asimov's Science Fiction in March 2005. Asimov's has mounted the story on thier website and it can be read (for now) for free here. I recommend it.

I'm happy to hear that David's won this award; I've had the pleasure of meeting him and, while I'm really no more than a nodding acquaintace I've known him to be a truly nice guy; I've never seen him that he doesn't have a smile and a good word for people he even doesn't know. And, as OryCon attendees must know, his appearances as part of the panel of the late-night "Whose Line Is It Anyway" performances are simply legend.

We should all celebrate when a decent local fellow wins; please join me in celebrating David.

NB: The photo of the 2005 Hugo (the rocket remains the same, but the award design is unique every year) was nicked from the Wikipedia entry on the Hugo Award.

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Mike Resnick said...

If I had to lose to somebbody, I'm delighted it was David. I bought his first story for NEW VOICES IN SCIENCE FICTION three or four years ago.

--- Mike Resnick

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Dear Mike:

That's pretty cool. David sold you his first story a mere four years ago you say?

I knew he'd catch on once the world discovered him.

Astounding! (or should I say Amazing!?)