24 October 2007

[liff] Down With Sam Adams!

1047. No, not that Sam Adams. This Sam Adams.

Seriously, you people really think you're defining your rights to your trademark by threatening to sue some people who are parking domain names for a Portland city commissioner who's running for mayor? Are you really seriously thinking that we'll confuse the two?

Are you going to sue me becaue 1/3 of my name is precisely equal to 1/2 of your brand name?

Naturally I shant be drinking any Sam Adams from hencerforth. Of course, in a town that boasts more decent craft brewers than we have a right to, I don't know why anybody does–the fact that PBR is apparently PDX's favorite brew completely baffles me. But still!

There's a reason lawsuits have such a bad rap. Now will you please talk to your sane legal eagles and have them make you understand why this is a stupid thing to do?

Here's a tip: though I'm no lawyer, I'm pretty sure Commissioner Sam Adams is neither a service, nor a product. Just throwin' that one out there.

Update: I think I've found a loophole. Peep this here.

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Large N3rd said...

Please visit http://www.samadamssucks.org to sign my petition. Let's send a message to the Boston Beer Company letting them know that Mark and Dave or Sam Adams (the person) should be allowed to keep/use those domain names.

Samuel John Klein said...

Done, and done.