25 October 2007

[pdx, pdx_media] Sam Adams Brew-HaHa Update: They Got The Wrong Guy

1051. Consulting the the Times' Legal Department (J.D. 25 Years of Watching Perry Mason) we find there is a possible loophole in the case of The Great Sam Adams Brew-Haha. Exhibit A and Only (clicky to embiggen):

Note carefully the spelling of the name. As far as we know, the famous KEX radio host is Dave Anderson. This letter is addressed to Dave AndEson. And just who is Dave Andeson? I never heard of the guy. And the mistake was made not once'd, but twice'd! They're looking for this Andeson guy, not our Dave Anderson.

Your honor, we rest our case.

Seriously, though, as a layman, I wish Boston Brewing's legal dept would quit operating in a bubble. The boon to extend Commish Sam the right to use his own name shows yet another corporation who should have known better, didn't know better, got caught not knowing better, and then doesn't have the ability to admit a mistake.

Like I intimated, I'm not a lawyer, just an underemployed designer. However, it seems to me that if Boston Brewing just maybe would admit that this was a misguided move (couldn't they be bothered to even check that they'd spelt Dave's last name correctly?) and slowly backed away they would reduce the PR mess they're brining on themselves.

But, judging by some opinions held elsewhere, that tall ship's getting ready to sail.

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