08 May 2007

[bloggage] Why On Earth Do I Blog?

801 They have called it a meme. Someone else likes to call it "Bloggy Tag". So do we.

They've posed me the following question:

Why on Earth do you blog?

And by "you", of course, she means "me".

Part One: Answer the Question

Now, taken at the basic meaning, one might well remark that Earth is the only place I can, at present blog; humanity and our bedevilling computer networks have gone nowhere else in the cosmos as yet. Then one would be quite correct in pointing out the question I've actually answered is Why do you blog on Earth?, and that I've facetiously misintepreted the comment in a rather successful attempt at cheap humor.

Actually, in that tangled web of verbiaginous verbiage veering very verbose (no, you may not call me "V"), is sort of the reason.

I fancy myself a designer but I grew up loving to write. I also grew up liking to tell people about it. In the then, of course, you could write for school, you could write a diary, you could write essays for classes (you could even write computer programs) but you couldn't write to be published. You couldn't enlighten/bore/entertain the world with your words.

Well, now you can.

I endeavor to to a lot of things with my blog. I explore what I want (including design), I publish my photeaux, I opine and explain. I get a little bit of fame every now and again. If someone likes my writing, they just might pay me for it eventually. Regardless, I love writing and I like the idea that someone, somewhere might be reading it (we're still working on that popularity thing). It all boils down to one urge, from which all others depend:

I blog because I can.

I like playing with words and putting up pictures to illustrate them and playing with fonts and experimenting with them to see which communicates the best and playing with new technology all that (and more) comes together in the form of the blog...and with Blogger you get it all for nothin! Luxury you can afford!

And I wanna be popular, so link and subscribe to me. Because I'm nothing without you.

(And I get to act out in public and it doesn't damage my fledgling repuation. So, that's a plus too!)

But I do it because I can do it.

Part Two: You're It!

When I was tagged "it" I was further charged with tagging five others. So, here are five people of whom the cut of thier jib I do indeed like:
  1. Gretchen (tune into her radio)
  2. Dan Crall, famous for being in a certain space
  3. Jeff Fisher, one of my heroes
  4. Lelo, one of my new favorites
  5. Cyclotram (an engima wrapped in a blog)
Part Three:Dancing with She What Brung Ya.

And I would be remiss if I didn't link back to the person who asked me
...who linked back to the person who asked them...and so on...and so on...

I tried embedding the bloggy tag graphic in the link but Blogger won't let me.

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LeLo in NoPo said...

Phew! Done!
Thanks for the tag! Can I use any more exclamation points?! Probably, yes!

ME Strauss said...

Does that mean that you won't be blogging about it on another planet in the near future? Oh darn . . . I had such hopes . . . Guess I'll have to think of another thing. :)

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...


Heyyy! Thanks for taking up the challenge. I enjoy your style and I like the way you write about the things in your life. It was fun to find out why.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...


While we do not have the ability to network the Solar System just yet, be aware that if we do expand into the stars, I will be there are ready to blog about the experience.

We science fiction readers and Oregonians tend to live longer lives...

crallspace said...


Thanks for the thought (tag) but I just don't do a lot of these things with tagging, FWing along for good luck, etc.

But I will link to you, my fellow Oregonian.

Famous for being in a certain space?? Haha! Must be the ORBlogs site. That's been a good resource.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Well, fair enough, Mr Crall. "No thanks" is always a valid answer to an unsolicited request in my books.

The linkage is most cool, though, and much obliged.

atul666 said...

Mission half-accomplished. Still trying to tag some other bloggers, but they can run surprisingly fast when they want to.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Excellent. You really understand that you are but aiding and abetting my program of Graphic Design World domination...but ssssh! that's just between you and me.