15 May 2007

[design, tech] Photoshop CS3 Easter Egg Recipe

806 Got a CS3 Easter Egg for you; it's a tribute to the late Bruce Fraser (beloved GD tribal elder) and the Electric Kitty.

Here's the recipe:

Assembling the recipe:
  1. Open the Designorati and Photoshop News articles. Set them aside for reference.
  2. Fire up Adobe Photoshop CS3
  3. After PSCS3 is running, get the "ALT-Splash" screen (containing the development code name, Adobe Red Pill, by (on your Mac) holding down the ALT and CMD Keys whilst clicking Menu Bar>Photoshop>About Photoshop...
  4. Take a screenshot (either Shift-CMD-3 or Shift-CMD-4).
  5. Load the Screenshot into PSCS3 (which should still be open).
  6. Fiddle with the input white point and black point as described in the articles. Shifting the input black point all the way right will show you a memorial tribute piccy of Bruce Fraser by the red pill; shifting the input white point all the way to the left will show you the kitty's pawprints in the black area where the credits are.
  7. Smile.
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Anonymous said...

That was awesome! Great easter egg.

You can also screenshot into your clipboard using CMD+CTRL+SHIFT+4 and capture on a mac. :D

Just thought I'd let you all know!

Great easter egg.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Much obliged on the comment...thanks.

I wish I'd stumbled on it, but I like presenting things I find, even it if I don't come up with them.

'Tis a shame that ImageReady is no longer extant...they had the coolest little duckshoot on the alt-splash...

Anonymous said...

Dude, if you hit invert you can see the whole kitty cat in the pill. thought it was cool, found it by accident.