22 May 2007

[hk2007] "The Man Who Made Gordon Ramsay Necessary"

813 In happy anticipation of the writing to follow, I inaugurate a new label for Hell's Kitchen 2007 posts. It is now more than a mere distraction; it is the distraction.

In this particular posting's part, though, we note in passing an article about Marco Pierre White, the British chef who was, as far as we know, the first modern celebrity Bad Boy Chef, the mentor of Gordon Ramsay.

It's said that Chef White was harsh. He was brilliant as well; He was making Michelin stars back in 1995, before anyone had ever heard of El Ram. Legend has it that, when he was coming up, someone drove El Ram to tears. Marco Pierre White was that man.

He is also, we learn, the man who will now helm the original (British) version of Hell's Kitchen.

Read all about him at Salon (subscription or "Site Pass" may be required) here.

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