07 May 2007

[oregon] The State Capitol, 2: Result Being Greater Than Sum Of Parts

800 To celebrate the eight-hundredth post, I present yet another photo of the Capitol:

This picture is much more of a panorama than my modest 3.3 MPx camera (modest, yes) could get when simply pointed. I'd like to say I was a digital imaging wizard but, no, this was the fault of Photoshop CS3.

Since CS2, Photoshop has what's called "Photomerge", in which it takes several open files and magically creates a single picture from them. I tried it, and wasn't impressed. PSCS3 Photomerge is about 1000% better than CS2's; the merging and the blending of photos is amazing to me. I can't tell where one ends now and the other begins (except for my filling in certain places with the clone stamp tool, which locations are left as an exercise for the reader.

This picture is the kind I've wanted to take for a while. I'm kind of proud of it.

Update 8 May 2007: A much bigger (1.9 MB) Photoshop JPEG has been posted here on ORBlogs Photos. All rights reserved, naturally.

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