03 May 2007

[tech] Home Network, Enabled!

795 One of the things that I've wanted for a long time now is a home network. Both me and The Wife™ are, natually heavy computer users, between my writing and using design software and ceaseless viewing of anything on Homestar Runner and her incessant Star Wars MUD gaming and Photoshopping and both of our constant viewing of Intarweb pr0n quest and thirst for more knowledge.

When going past FreeGeek on 1 May to get my The Wife™ a connector she wanted for her monitor, we saw the most amazing thing through the window: not one or two but three graphite Power Macintoshes and an eMac sitting on the shelves. We also saw that FG was closed, in as much as it was May Day, which I shoulda knowed about (such is the cave in which I live).

So we were back the next day. The eMac was gone but the three graphite-cased Power Macs were still there (as well as a blue-n-white G3 complete with appropriate monitor). I had thought that maybe they were just cases (market share being what it is, FG doesn't traffic in Mac hardware much) but no, they were complete systems, one emphatically explaining that there was actually a G3 under the hood, and with prices like $80 and $60.

One of my other visions is to have a Mac for both of us. The G4 360 Mhz with a 40 Gig HD and FW, USB, and Ethernet was just the thing she needed for her MUDding and Photoshopping (it doesn't have to run like a racecar for her needs). Moreover, nothing against Linux (we still proudly run Ubuntu on the Linux box we do have) but after we got it home we installed OS X 10.2 and she is now running what she wants, has Photoshop 7, and we network the two without having to really know much about networking. There's a trope that Macs make things easy, and that certainly is the truth here.

Moreover we can share the internet connection. One of us dials up, the other checks email, loads web page, whatever. The performance of the line isn't really any better or worse, but one not having to wait for the other to get out of the way to go on line for email, whatever...hello marital bliss!

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