05 May 2007

[oregon] The State Capitol

796 I grew up in Silverton and Salem, so the landscape there is very precious to me.

Here's what may seem like a very ordinary shot of the State Capitol building, taken from standing in the bike lane on Summer Street NE in Salem (natch), therefore we are looking south-southwest (remember, Salem's central street grid aligns with the river and is therefore canted about 10 degrees CW:

The Oregon State Capitol (and there is a difference, readers, between capital and capitol, your assignment is to look it up and learn it–it's self-study) is the most beautiful capitol in the United States, as far as I'm concerned...and I'm right on this one. The best thing about it is the simple lines, the basis on the classic capitol structure (rotunda topped by cupola extending into two legislative wings) but with an Oregonized take on it all that has as its end result a uniquely Oregon landmark.

I love that the dome isn't domed but a cylinder (as intimated, the proper term for a structure-topping dome is a cupola).

This is a great building.

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