20 May 2007

[distractions] Hell's Kitchen 2007: It's On, You People!

812 This Just In.

Attention all you Gordon Ramsay freaks (of which me and my The Wife™ are two): the third series of Hell's Kitchen premieres Monday, 4 June 2007, on FOX (see, that network's good for something!).

Be there...or be...well, somewhere else.

Here's the FOX page for it. We don't know who the chefs are going to be yet, though our regular faves Sous-chefs Scott and Mary Ann and Jean-Philippe, The Inscrutable Belgian, are going to be along for the ride again.

Update 2007-05-21: We have learned sad news via the HK Message Fora: Rachel Brown, the "biker chick" personal chef from Texas whose personal affection for yet-to-be-Season-Two-Champion Heather West was played up rather much by the production, has died. Reports DallasVoice.com:

Rachel Brown, the Oak Cliff-based personal chef who became a national celebrity last summer following her appearance on the Fox reality show “Hell’s Kitchen,” was found dead in her family home in Bedford on May 9, according to her sister, Dr. Mary Brown.

There's no word yet on how or why, but the impression I get is that it was completely unexpected. She was merely 41 years old as of 5 May.

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