12 May 2007

[tech] Oh, Goody, Another Format

805 So, this'll paint me as a naïf, I'm sure, or at least a curmudgeon a little advanced for his age, but I just got a whiff of the punditgasm (and don't that paint a word picture) over the introduction of Microsoft®™© Silverlight®™©.

Mama always said "When they say they're rebooting the web, it's time to worry."

Well, she didn't. Not really. Maybe your mama. Anyway.

The upside is that the plugin seems to work with Firefox 2.0 and Mac OS X (and I can uninstall it if it munges things up). I loaded it up (while reading the FAQ which is just loaded with whalesong-and-joss-stick verbiage), restarted the Fox and loaded up the Silverlight page...and got an honkin' huge embedded movie in a webpage.

Wow. Nobody's ever thought of that one before. Good one!

Microsoft: Just when you thought it was safe to go on the 'web, we reinvented it...as far as you're concerned.

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