10 May 2007

[design] Rorohiko Does it Again^2

803 I've written about Rorohiko, Ltd before. They come up with way cool additions that just make using InDesign more fun and interesting; they have a free plug-in, for example, that does Sudoku puzzles for Indy. Sweet.

Kris Coppieters is crazy smart. You and I try to "think outside the box"; with Kris, I'm not sure the box exists, or Kris has a better one and works both sides of it. I distinctly remember, on the Yahoo GD list, someone came up with an Indy problem, and I wondered aloud if Kris was already thinking of a way to solve it. Within 48 hours Kris had a prototype ready for testing.

Like I said, crazy smart.

Anyway, Kris has just given me the heads up on a new plugin that Rorohiko's developed that is sure to save people a step. "Like Finds Like" is supposed to simplify selection by automatically selecting similar objects to what you have already selected in IDCS2/3, saving a step over click-click-click (with the pawprint key held down). From my own experience, that should save some time.

The Like Finds Like beta plugin can be found here: if you havent used Rorohiko plugins before stop by and fetch the Active Page Item Runtime plugin, which allows use of the rest of the Rorohiko plugins, making it all very easy. And, it's all free.

I've downloaded it but not installed it yet; when I do, I'll report on my findings at Designorati or QuarkVsInDesign (or both). I'll keep you all posted on that.

Again, bravo, Kris!

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