25 May 2007

[tech] We Stride Proudly Into The Newfangled Modern-Age

816 Oh, I say, hail and well met ladies and fellows: me and my The Goodwife™ have been rather indulging ourselves the last couple of days, for we have finally acquired the newfangled technology of the DSL.

I have opined (though not at length) about our reliance of a 56K dialup connection. My rather adorable spouse has figured out how to shuffle the bones about, though, and we've been connected for the last two days through Qwest.

And we've been overindulging. Like losing sleep going around and experiencing all the things that I've been putting off for an awful long time. And I'm not saying that we're cutting edge or anything like that; yes, we know that it's been available for a few years now and I might be looking a little like the country bumpkin cousin for enthusing so.

But what the hell? Having DSL connectivity is fun. Not losing your connection through retraining for having the temerity of downloading more than one graphic at a time is farging liberating.


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