24 May 2007

[design] ImageReady-Gone But Not Forgotten

814 The application Adobe ImageReady never got any respect. It was kind of like Photoshop's kid brother who was always being pushed around.

But it was a cool application in its way. It was stripped down in comparison with Photoshop, but what it did–prepare graphics for webbing and animating GIFs–it did very well. With the release of CS3, ImageReady has been shuffled off to Alphabet Heaven, its animation capabilities folded into PSCS3, but there is a little old reminder of ImageReady, sort of an in memoriam...

In PSCS2, the "Save for Web" dialog proclaimed "Powered by ImageReady", and had the ImageReady CS2 icon on. The icon looked like this:

In PSCS3, the "Save for Web" menu item has become the "Save for Web and Devices", speaking to Adobe's apparent commitment to provide tools to design for the mobile web as well as the desktop web. When you bring up the interface, which looks more or less like the PSCS2 "Save for Web" interface, and take a close look at the title bar, here's what you'll see (click to embiggen)

There it is, just to the left of the window title. So very un-CS3.

ImageReady. Gone...but not forgotten.

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Anonymous said...

Fireworks is a bad application - I am sorry to see ImageReady go - but hey if anyone really thinks that they can find work as a web designer using Fireworks more power too them - they just wont be working for me.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Well, not to give away anything, but some of the designers I've talked to aren't too impressed with it either. I have no opinion myself; I have no experience to speak of with Fireworks.

Alister Cameron // Blogologist said...

Fireworks has always been a joke to me. Now it seems I have to give it a go and HOPE that Adobe have done something half decent with it, especially in terms of fixing its very inferior rendering engine. Anti-aliasing and all that was just no comparison to PhotoShop or my beloved: ImageReady... RIP :(


Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Alister Cameron:

Thanks for stopping by.

Truth be told, in as much as I am much more a layout-oriented person, I didn't use ImageReady for much more than getting graphics is a e-mail or web-ready format (via Save for Web) but I did like the way it handled that. The functionality still seems to be extant withing PSCS3...the "Save for Web and Devices" dialog not only still has the ImageReady CS2 icon, it has the precise look and feel of it.

One of my instructors when I was at school put it to me this way, though: ImageReady exists (so she said) to animate GIFs. This it did handily, as you probably know. Whilst we were all in a test she amused herself by taking graphic of one of those little artist's drawing manikins and putting it into a waterscape, then causing it to swim.

Your comment about Fireworks is kind of telling, actually. You're not the only Adobe software user I've heard of who isn't (or wasn't) terribly impressed with Fireworks. Your reason is especially interesting, but the other buzz I've heard is mostly along the lines of usability.

What I will miss most about IR (and this will sound kind of silly, but there it is) is the ImageReady "Duckshoot" Easter Egg.

To get this, you bring up the splash screen and hold down alt and OPT keys (I'm on a Mac) and you'll see the cursor turn into a rubber stamp. When this happens, you can plant up to 10 rubber duckies on the splash screen (though only in a very tight spot by the time IR was in CS2). Holding down two other modifier keys turned the cursor into a target reticle, and bang, bang, bang, you go duck shootin'.

Ah, Good times.