29 May 2007

[hk2007] Hell's Kitchen: The Series Racks 'em Up

821 The news is out, and the cast is set for Hell's Kitchen 2007. Here are this series' victims contestants:

The Blues:
  • Aaron (48); retirement home chef; Palos Verdes CA
  • Brad (25); sous chef; Scottsdale AZ
  • Eddie (28); short-order cook; Miami Beach FL
  • Rock (30); excutive chef; Spotsylvania VA
  • Vinnie (29); night club chef; Milltown, NJ
The Reds:
  • Bonnie (26); nanny & personal chef from LA
  • Jen (26); pastry chef; Hazelton PA
  • Joanna (22); chef's assistant; Detroit MI
  • Julia (28); short-order cook; Atlanta GA
  • Melissa (29); line cook; New York NY
  • Tiffany (27); kitchen manager; Scottsdale AZ.
Some observations:

  1. Blue Team/Red Team, boys team/girls team...again. I'm hoping they don't hype it as another "battle of the sexes", because it was lame last time around, and the men's team depopulated itself at the rate of one per show. It'll probably be lame this time around as well.
  2. Two contestants from Scottsdale AZ. No comment here, but isn't that interesting?
  3. More professional cooking types.
  4. Some of the contestants remind us of gimmicks from last season' there's an old fellow (who made a bit of it in his interviews), sous chefs, personal chefs, assistants. We should expect the same sort of character-driven stuff as last time.
  5. We hear the set's architecture is changed somewhat, but just how isn't yet clear.
  6. Joanna couldn't telegraph her intention to be this season's conniving Sarah-type if she'd hit you over the head with it (see the video).
  7. One of the chefs is from Spotsylvania. No insights here; I just wanted to be able to use Spotsylvania at least once in a sentence in this post.
They really are an interesting bunch; hie thee hence to the Hell's Kitchen website to view some excerpts from the first show and a lengthy Gordon Ramsay-driven preview (click on the link to "Videos". it shouldn't be too hard to find).

Maybe I'm too hard on them for going the boys-against-girls route yet again. Looks like it might be good. I just hate stereotypes tho'...

Oh...yes. The prize will seem similar...an executive chef position at a Vegas area casino's restaurant. We begin to detect a pattern.

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Torrid said...

Spotsylvania is the county that surrounds Fredricksburg, VA, a city about halfway between Richmond and Washington, DC.

I suspect it got the name from the Spotswood family, one of the so-called "First Families of Virginia."

Alexander Spotswood was one of the colonial Leftenant Governors of the 18th century.

History lesson over. :)

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Oh, great. I make a funny and someone like you comes along and ruins it with a fact or something.