06 July 2009

Get Ellison In Your iPod: "Dreams With Sharp Teeth" Now at ITMS!

2134.How'd you like a little Harlan Ellison to go whereever you are?

Well, that would be kind of expensive. I understand Mr. Ellison is rather "high maintenance". But he is worth having around, and it looks like the folks at New Video (the distributor via thier Docurama label) have pulled a coup; Dreams With Sharp Teeth is now available as an iTunes download!

It's $9.99, and you can have it and start watching it right now, and I suggest you do, otherwise there is something (as we say here in Oregon) "wrong" with you.

Click on the above banner or go to http://www.itunes.com/movies/harlanellisondreamswithsharpteeth to buy and download. Both these links will open in iTunes. If you don't have iTunes … WTF, dude?

Thanks to John Bonini at NewFilms.com for giving me the heads up for this. And you know you don't need an iPod to enjoy iTunes downloads, so now you have no excuse not to watch Harlan – and very little standing in your way of doing so.

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