22 July 2009

[pdx] The Way Burgerville Rolls, Part 2

2163.Leave it to Burgerville USA to realize the potential of the so-called "roach coach"[1]. Via The Columbian:
On Thursday, the 24-foot-long Burgerville Nomad will take its maiden voyage, pulling away from parent company The Holland Inc.'s downtown headquarters and heading south to Portland's Waterfront Park. The decked-out kitchen will be used for community events and as a stand-in facility during restaurant remodels.
City of foodcarts, get ready for the mother of all food carts!

According to the article, if the Nomad works out (and I think it will) they'll move out more of them.

And while I am happy that BV is going to be scouting downtown Portland for a location, they really have to put one back down in Salem. They had one at the I-5/Market Street exit, but they took it out when the interchange was remodeled back in the 90s.

It would be a welcome bit of culture down there.

[1] Roach coach is only a term of artifice. There will be no actual roaches – of any kind.

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