10 July 2009

I'll Believe This When They Send Me A Free One To Review

2141.(via Jeff Fisher via Twitter) Here's the i.Saw – the world's first USB-powered chainsaw:

The above is a screenclip of the page. If you want to see it for reals, the address is http://usbchainsaw.com/, where pre-ordering is conveniently closed.

I sense a viral goof here. I jus can't shake it. Why in heavens name would you want a chainsaw of any dimensions anywhere near your computer? One wrong move and say buh-bye to that lovely screen.

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Alan Bluehole said...

I normally plug your blog into my reader via usb, but your twitter plea mad me visit in person, sort of.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Thank you, my friend, thank you!