12 July 2009

A Bridge To Wordpress

2142.This is more a bit of self-documentation of the evolution of this blog, but I suppose it is a fishing expedition for suggestions as well. Also, those who blog tend to write obsessively about what they're doing with their blogs because we are all the masters of our own worlds (we've got to be … otherwise why have a blog? We might just as well continue keeping a diary, yes?).

Anyway, for a while now I've been wanting to sharpen my Blogger customization skills. I have a little Blogger mojo but not as much as I want to. Sadly, though, every time I start studying Blogger markup, my eyes just glaze over, and the new regime with widgets – while mad fun and easy to add spiffy stuff – just starts to make my eyes cross.

Not long ago I broadcast an appeal to teh Twitter for any suggestions for good Blogger references that won't make me want to, say, go out and mow the lawn just to get a break from it. And it was suggested to me that I move my whole operation to Wordpress. What I didn't publicize at that time was that I have had a Wordpress version of this for a while – it's at http://zehnkatzen.wordpress.com – and I've been using it as a mirror/backup to this one.

It does have awesome functionality, and I'm exploring it slowly. A move may be in the offiing – and it may be just the thing.

Fortunately, ScribeFire (the blogging plugin for FF) makes it easy to post to both places. So, starting here, that's just what I'm going to be doing.

Does anyone know of any resources to help me pierce the inscrutable veil around the Blogger markup? Also, is Wordpress any easier to customize?

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