28 July 2009

[branding] If You Have The Real Thing, You Don't Have To Keep Changing It

2174.You know how they say a classic is timeless? Check out this history of the Cola Wars:

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The original article (see the link in the caption) has little to say about the ebb and flow of the Cola Wars, leaving the reader to draw the conclusion. The one I draw is, classics are timeless and a company that is comfortable with its own well-done identity will probably know better than to mess with what's working.

Coke has also honed a more typographical look over the years that has also grown very strong.

As I look over my memory of the brand look changes with Pepsi, it's always seemed to desperately try to "keep up with the times". Every change has been described as keeping the look "fresh and young". This says a lot, I think. I've grown accustomed to the new, Sleeper-esque look of the Pepsi logo and type, but if I was in charge from branding, I would'nt have brought it too far forward from the 1973 version. Updated the type, maybe, but that's it.

(Disclaimer: I actually prefer the taste of Pepsi)

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