29 July 2009

[misc] Jammin' Jenny's Famous 867-5309 Number – For The Price Of An eBay Bid I Can Always Turn To You

2177.Update, 1421 PDT: at the time of the original posting, I forgot to embed the link to the actual auction. It's here! And, checking in on this auction, I see it's now up to more than US $5,000! Get in on the ground floor, peoples, maybe!

In 1982, Tommy Tutone hit it big with the cut from Tommy Tutone 2 called "867-5309/Jenny". I only add this as preamble because there may be one, two, or three people on the planet, living as monks in a monastery or hermits on the moors, who've not heard of it.

In 1982, another thing happened: a nationwide wave of prank calls to people all over the USA who had the number 867-5309.

And also, in 1982, a third thing happened perforce: the use of the number 867-5309 was nixed in almost every area code. It lived on in a few places, and was primarily used from then on out to form the basis of publicity stunts and raise funds when needed.

Well, now, in 2009, one of these numbers have come up for bid – a Philly area number, 267-867-5309. It's up on eBay right now. Apparently you can't exactly sell a phone number – but you can set up a shell company with that phone number and auction that off. And that's what some enterprising fellow has done. Here's some documentary evidence:

At the time of retrieval, the current bid was US $2,050. Likely more now. The marketing copy on the auction says it's fetched as much as $350,000 in the past – who knows, now – more? Less?

If you want to bid, here's the link. As of this writing, about six days to go in the auction.

Good luck, bunky.

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