21 July 2009

[pdx] Views Of The West End

2161.SW 13th Avenue, Stark Street, and West Burnside come together at this big plenum which used to anchor the west end of the gay club district. With PDXEagle up on N Lombard now, Club Portland gone, and the Pink Triangle becoming more metrosexual by the day, it's comforting to know that, for now anyway, the district still looks like a slice of old downtown Portland, the downtown Portland that I fell in sloppy love with when I first visited as a teenager out of Salem:

View it embiggened at Posterous here.

Another view I particularly enjoy is looking down West Burnside. Now, my camera does a pretty fine job, my Plastic Fantastic, the ViviCam 3705, but it's views like this that make me wish I could afford a nifty camera with telephoto, because street views like this are so much fun to play with:

View this one embiggened at Posterous.

It's just quintessentially downtown Portland. And I've always loved downtown Portland.

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Anonymous said...

Oh! I miss downtown Portland. I still wish I lived at Alexandra Court Apartments by Fred Meyer "Stadium" NW Best.

As for the Eagle, the one in N. Portland is actually a different owner and the original Eagle holds on in the lower level of Casey's, a bar owned by the same gentleman.

Sadly, Old Town appears to be the new place these lounges are allowed to open.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Thanks for the input on that, especially WRT to the PDXEagle. I was always wondering about that one.

It seems like the gay club district is kind of 'de-ghettoizing' which is good and bad. It's good because maybe (just maybe) in some places, there is beginning to grow a society where people aren't threatened and scared by who you're girlfriend/boyfriend is. On the other hand, some corners of that district were incredibly charming – if, in some cases, a bit intimidating (I speak as a het married who was born down Silverton way, so there's my cards on the table right there).

Me and mine did stop the The Roxy this last week and I'm thrilled to say that it's as vibrant and funky and cool as it ever has been, and recommend it wholeheartedly. The chiliburger was divine, and so was the clientele.

A fellow and his man came in and this dude's shirt read "Love Sucks … True Love Swallows", and I laughed out loud. I had to give him props for that.

I once lived over on NW Flanders off 21st Avenue in a studio apt in a vintage house where we all shared a very clean bathroom. $150/month. Good times, I tell you, good times.