17 July 2009

[graphic design] Virginia Woof Doggie Daycare – Divine Logo, Awful Type

2156.At the corner of SW 16th Avenue and West Burnside Street in Portland is the Virginia Woof Doggie Daycare. This is a noble venture that provides high-quality dog care and provides training to at-risk youth. This is a division of the well-known Portland area charity Outside In.

The logo melts my heart and makes me smile:

Clever reference to the literary allusion, and I'd swear that Border Collie is enjoying reading a book (in my experience, most doggies are more comic-book readers). That is a happy doggy!

The logo hits a home run. What's the only way you can break my heart with this sort of thing? Well, here it is:

Use ITC Matisse. Why, why, why did you have to emblazon your windows with this font, Virginia Woof? It sticks in the eyes like little daggers.

Honestly, I don't know why it was called Matisse. Matisse was a skillful master artist. His namesake font is anything but artistic. I cry and die inside whenever I see this.

That being said, it's a charity, it makes pets happy, it makes pet owners happy, it gives kids skills. So you should maybe donate? And, Virigina Woof – please consider some other type. I'm sorry to be blunt – but Matisse is oogly! No, more than that – double oogly! And it makes designers cry.

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