04 July 2009

Spring Cleaning, in Summer, Even!

2133.When do you know when it's time to do a little link cleaning-up? I don't know about you guys, but for me, it's when someone sends me a message wondering when I'm going to complete my side of a link exchange, and said link has been in the blogrolls for about two months now.

So I went in with the link shears and did some heavy pruning. The numerous categories, which I thought was oh-so-witty when I set them up, struck me as kind of old and tired, so they're cut back as well.

The links are split into the following:
  • Graphic Design: Up at the top, as I reorient this blog toward what should be my mission. These are interesting links to design, designers, and resources that designers should find nifty and, in some cases, any digital artist might be able to use. What really inspires me.
  • My Favorite Designers and Illustrators:  Inspiring and interesting people I've either met, whose work I love, or, in some cases, I'm kind of sucking up to (hey, so sue me!). People I also think you should follow. Their writings are frequently witty, information-loaded, and just plain nifty.
  • Friends of the Blog: Anyone in this list is someone who I've gotten on well with or has done something nice for me. Some of you I still correspond with; others, not so much. For those of you who I don't talk with so much now, you'll always be a friend here. I may not be the most loved blogger in PDX nor the most popular, but I always try to repay kindness, and a link request. There's a potpourri there, including oddiments and amusements, and some of my politics.
  • Staccato Signals of Constant Information: The sole holdover from the old regime, it's the bin were I'll continue to toss interesting stuff that don't fit anywhere else – and there is some sucking up going on there too.
Some of the paring-back was rather painful. There were bloggers who were friendly to me at first whose blogrolls now are populated with the likes of Michelle Malkin and WorldNetDaily who subsequently dropped me without telling me. If you ever come by here and see this, yeah, that kind of hurt. I remember a world where we could all agree to disagree: I'm a liberal and your neighbor, not your enemy. C'est la guerre, I suppose. There are a couple who have closed their blogs to public viewing, which I found dismaying: was it something I did? Hot, Fresh, Now! and Wither Into the Light were the two blogs; I just enjoyed HFN and if it weren't for Wither Into The Light, I wouldn't have gotten a Gmail invite. So, yeah, I miss you dudes.

It is possible that in clearing out I cleared off a link or two I promised to maintain. If true, that's me being thoughtless; email me and I'll readd you right away.

You know, looking at those last two grafs I wonder if I'm clearing the boards on more than just my links. Oh, well – we must forge fearlessly on.

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Dale said...

I'm happy to see myself still on the list. Thanks and keep the good work coming!

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Thank YOU for thinking enough of me to link, and doing what it is you do. You have helped provide an extremely valuable intellectual whetstone. I love your blog. I like the way you're unafraid and slightly sarcastic.

Thanks above all for commenting.