30 July 2009

[signs] No Alien Abductions Allowed Between 9PM and 6AM? Good To Know, Zendak

2179.Although it occurs to me than any ET with the chutzpah to actually abduct humans from earth probably don't bother too much with local Earth laws:

Original from here, a Russian web site about something
somehow, I don't know, I don't know any Russian.
via Twitterer http://twitter.com/mynameisorman

Although they might be sporting enough to just obey the local custom, just out of being sporting and being ET mensch and like that. I mean, just how's the constable supposed to cite the offender? That might be a bit outside our tech level.

So at least the locals can get some sleep at nights, but after 6AM – watch it, Charlie, 'cos here comes Zendak, and he's lonely!

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IQXS said...

Cute! :) Thank you for this post.
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Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Hey, thrilled to be able to share! Please note the actual credit in the photo caption though-I only wish I had taken it!