04 September 2016

[Out122ndWay] Artistic Graffiti, Midland Park

Midland Park is a little park adjacent to the Midland Library. If you go past on 122nd, you miss it; it's access is at the far end of the parking lot. You're much more likely to drive past it if you use SE Morrison between 122nd and 117th, but that's a neighborhood street.

It's a disquieting picture sometimes down Morrison. RVs and trucks of the houseless and homeless park there. But that's life these days. And, like life, next to the bitter, there's the sweet. There's a very lovely graffiti there, sprayed some time ago on a cinder block wall abutting a shed on a neighboring property.

See? quite masterfully done. A lot of lovely punchy color, a real gift to the eye. A bit of salsa in the panorama.

Closeups like this would make for good backs of album covers. Frustrated designer that I am, I occasionally take pictures thinking would this look good on an album? It's not a bad design motive, really. Some of the most memorable pictures have been album covers.

And this? This is Midland Park:

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